Thursday, 19. April 2012
Built in/Modular Timer 10A/10min


  • New technology
  • Fit for a large diversity of charges
  • Compact dimensions
  • Built-in behind push button in wall box
  • Modular in the switch board
  • Ideal for existing installations (renovations)
  • Also 2-wire connection
  • Command/control with 1 push button
  • Timer function or telebreaker function (on-off)
  • Large time array (10min)
  • 2 year warranty

Technical specifications

  • Connection: insulated silicone wire/screw connector
  • Power: 240V-10 A (2600/1610) 240V-1A (2610)
  • Time control: fluid between 30s and 10m (pot. meter)
  • Temperature: ambient temperature
  • Dimensions (mm): L: 55 x W: 55 x D:30 (built in)/W:17,5 1MOD (modular)
  • Wheight: 45g
  • Installation: behind push button in wall box/ceiling/DIN rail
  • Charge: all charges (mixed)
  • Command: standard push button (tension free)

Product manual, technical information and picture:

 Icon pdf manual ecotimer2610Icon pdf technicalInfo

CFL sticker

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