Saturday, 26. May 2012
NEW Controller for dimmable TL/Fluo 0-10 and 1-10V standard and for DOMOTICS


  • Synchronous tension or current controle of:
    • dimmable electronic supply 0-10V or 1-10V controlled (Fluo, TL, PL, LED, ...)
    • dimmable LED and LED-supply (1-10Vdc)
    • 0-10Vdc controlled dimmers
  • ON/OFF and dimming with only one button or 0-10Vdc control
  • Micro-processor technology with large array of possibilities
  • Fit for synchronous control of various circuits
  • Application in domotics or PLC control
  • Mounted on DIN-rail, 3 modules
  • Built-in relais for total control of supply/ballast
  • Energy saving, extended lifetime supply/ballast (ECO)
  • 2 years warranty

Technical specifications

  • Connection: screw connectors
  • Power: 240V - 10A
  • DIM power: 0-10Vdc / 150mA
  • Temperature: Tc 60 °C at full load
  • Dimensions: 3 modules
  • Weight: 200 gr
  • Security: short circuit protection on 10Vdc
  • Installation: on DIN-rail
  • Application: 0-10Vdc dimmers, dimmable electronic supply 0-10V or 1-10V, controle light loads functioning as adjustable supply
  • Controle: push button, tension pulse control (very low tension) or 0-10Vdc control/command

Product manual, technical information and picture:

Icon pdf manual jpg ECOPOWTL3MXfront Icon pdf technicalInfo